Can i sell some of my furniture in yoville on facebook...if so how?

Answer Yes you can sell your furniture in Yoville. There are some items you can't sell like the original kitchen appliances but the furniture you start off with in your apartment can all be sold.Click on... Read More »

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How much is the blue dj booth worth - yoville - yoville -?

This all depends on the price of that product. It's usually $129.99. You will need to check each store for the price.Good luck!

The Best Way to Sell Furniture in an Apartment?

Moving costs can be exorbitant for packing furniture. Sometimes it's better to sell unwanted pieces and save the cost of a moving van. Take an inventory of what you want to keep and what you want t... Read More »

Which (producer) Italian companies sell TEAK OIL to be used in wooden furniture?

I assume you're not looking for an oil specific for teak wood and that it could be ok a generic wood coating.Here below a few links of Italian companies for your choice: Read More »

How to Put Art on Whiteboards in Yoville?

Yoville is an online game that, as of December 2009, can only be played in MySpace or Facebook. The game is a virtual world social network. Users create a virtual replication of themselves and deco... Read More »