Can i set up a second router?

Answer If the 3G router has an Ethernet port, then you could connect this with a cross-over cable to one of the ports of the BT Home Hub. Disable the DHCP service in the Home Hub.If the 3G router does not... Read More »

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How do I setup a second wireless router to act as a booster to my main router&modem?

I doubt the signal from net will boost from the second one, the incoming rate is fixed at the exchange in any case, but you can still link to use two from one source...see link.http://www.cyberciti... Read More »

A second router for less 'lag'?

Hi thereAdding a second router will not result in less lag. Unfortunately, the lag is happening outside your household. If you think of your internet connection as a pipe, imagine that there is one... Read More »

How do I connect my laptop to a second wireless router?

I would check the 2 routers are not using the same broadcast channel and interfering with each other, also check you have set up the second router correctly as a wireless access pointhttp://www.ezl... Read More »

Will my internet speed be increased with a second router?

Assuming you are using a wireless connection back to your router, the first thing I would try is changing the wireless channel. Interference from another wireless network on the same channel can ma... Read More »