Can i sue my current employer for saying that ive already left the job?

Answer No, youve only been there a few months andar most likely still on a "probationary period" which means they donthave to have a reason to fire you. If you have signed a contract then the terms of the... Read More »

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Is a current employer allowed to tell a potential employer (e.g. in a reference) how many sick days you had?

In short, an employer can put anything they like, into a reference. The only requirement is that it MUST be the truth. Within this remit, any current employer can include anything which they feel i... Read More »

Should i tell my current employer?

Prospective employers will usually ask whether they can approach your current employer for a reference. They will completely understand if you do not want your current employer to know that you ar... Read More »

How Do I Tell My Current Employer I Am Looking for a New Job?

Many employees enjoy telling their bosses they quit. However, factors such as your position within the company, the hopes that more opportunities may be available within your current organisation, ... Read More »

Do i tell my current employer that i have an interview somewhere else?

you can if you want your boss wont hold it against you ,he'd just ask what was the prob!!!