Can i turn off laptops on my network using my laptop?

Answer Try any remote access softwares. You ll be able to work with any computer in the network as you are right infront of it.

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Can you have a home network of 2 wireless laptops and a router?

sure u candont use static ip'sjust right-click my computer then press properties, then go to "Computer name" then press "CHANGE"here u'll find a field called "workgroup", i must use the same workgr... Read More »

When connecting two laptops together via a Wireless Ad Hoc network, is it possible to save the connection?

Wireless network keeps disconnecting Have 3 laptops that share the connection?

When you say you lose the connection, I assume you mean the laptop loses its wireless connection to the router rather than the modem on the router losing its connection to the internet (in which c... Read More »

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First make sure you have the latest windows updates on both machines; then create system restore points on both laptops naming them for example "network set up".You need to make sure both the XP an... Read More »