Can i turn off laptops on my network using my laptop?

Answer Try any remote access softwares. You ll be able to work with any computer in the network as you are right infront of it.

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Can you connect a laptop to the internet by using the mobile phone network?

Yes, you can. A mobile phone connected to a PC via data cable, infra red, or Bluetooth, can act like a dial-up modem, assuming it has data connection capabilities (any phone with WAP should do). Yo... Read More »

I have 2 printers and 2 laptops.I want both printers to be available with whichever laptop I am using. How do?

All you need is the drivers for each individual printer installed on each laptop, then you can plug and print via USB (you mentioned its local). The printers drivers are located on the install dis... Read More »

Can you have a home network of 2 wireless laptops and a router?

sure u candont use static ip'sjust right-click my computer then press properties, then go to "Computer name" then press "CHANGE"here u'll find a field called "workgroup", i must use the same workgr... Read More »

Difference between getting online using wifi and using data offered by your phone network?

Free WiFi places like Starbucks, McDonald's etc too pay for data. They simply have a wired connection coming to their store and have a Wireless router also. The Wired connection normally comes with... Read More »