Can i use more then one modem in my house?

Answer J is correct. Only one modem per broadband line.That being said, you can have more than one router connected to that modem. I have the wireless G modem/router from Verizon, but it's signal strengt... Read More »

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When the house is for let we can write 'to Let' and then when the house is occupied what you call it then?

Why are you judged more on if you have green spikey hair /tatto then if you can do the job better then Mr suit?

It's about image. An employer can see your resume and have an idea of what your skills are, but you could be lying and they don't know whether you are going to do the job right until you are doing... Read More »

My House was over valuated, Then repossessed and then under sold?

yep. sounds about right. This is what happens when you don't pay your bills.PLUS the mortgage company will issue a 1099 to the IRS and they will tax you on the 20,000.You should have paid the 3000.

Am i out of order to offer a lot less then then asking price on a house?

Houses are always put on the market over-priced because they cover being knocked down,so go for it.....