Can i use my laptop to increase the possessing power of my desktop?

Answer Realistically this is not possible for the home user. Clustering usually involves custom software/hardware which for financial and practical reasons is just not feasible for the end userSorryDavid

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Remote desktop from Win7 laptop to XP desktop via ethernet?

yes its possible i think - to connect two computers together you would need a crossover cable look on ebay for this. that should work the same as having a switched network

I have an old desktop pc,but I do not have a monitor only a laptop can i view my desktop on my laptop?

Just remove the hdd from the desktop and connect it via external casing to the laptop.

How do i make my laptop become dim when on laptop battery power By the way my laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1564?

Power Options and the keys on your keyboard can adjust the brightness. Also try "appearance" but right clicking your desktop, or properties (known on XP).Good luck!

How to reduce or increase windows desktop resolution or area?

OK I am not sure if this will help Have you tried by clicking onto start then click on computer then onto vista c then windows ,prefetch then delete all you need to close and empty your recycle bin... Read More »