Can i use o2 netgear router with another broadband?

Answer yes

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Can you add ports with the netgear router SKY broadband give you?

this sounds more of a firewall issue , check your firewall and add the game or site to the trusted areas in your network security of the firewall

How do you change a BT home hub to use it as a wireless router with another broadband provider?

All i can say is have fun. If the hub is under two years old they are all coded.

How to add another access point to a netgear router?

A wireless router enables multiple devices to remotely connect to a network, typically to access the Internet and share data. A router is distinct from an access point, it links devices on the netw... Read More »

Who's IP address is have telewest broadband, a netgear wireless router my?

one is YOUR internet ip address, assigned to you by telewest:( other is the ip of TELEWEST, your access point to the internet:( home network address, assigned to your... Read More »