Can i use o2 netgear router with another broadband?

Answer yes

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Can you add ports with the netgear router SKY broadband give you?

this sounds more of a firewall issue , check your firewall and add the game or site to the trusted areas in your network security of the firewall

Who's IP address is have telewest broadband, a netgear wireless router my?

one is YOUR internet ip address, assigned to you by telewest:( other is the ip of TELEWEST, your access point to the internet:( home network address, assigned to your... Read More »

Taken Sky broadband sent me Netgear wireless ADSL router but my PC doesn't have ethernet port, how to connect?

Your easies option would be to go to the local computer store and buy an inexpensive NIC card. This is a PCI network card. All you have to do is open the case install the card run the CD it comes w... Read More »

Netgear router problem (sky provided this router)?

get the Linksys router ...manufactured by cisco..... you wont find better