Can it work when it can?

Answer Has my brain gone ?

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I hate goin work.wakin up 4 work i get a gut feelin when i go why.but the money is 2 good 2 leave?

a gut feeling?a good feeling?Boy I hope spelling correctly is not part of your job!

Is there a law on getting paid when the person is available to work but the company has no work for them?

Hi Rebecca, your apprentice status is different to normal employment, and as others have said you really need to check its terms. It may say there is no obligation to provide work and if it does t... Read More »

How can i find work when there is no work about I feel depressed and need money!?

Mike, I understand completely how you feel. Although i have had one job interview out of the tens and thousands i have applied for, I got rejected on the spot because of my maths.... but- don't wor... Read More »

I was hired to work in an office, can my boss force me to do work outside when not in original job description?

All job descriptions have a section saying "and other work as assigned." You do what they tell you or you can be fired for cause.