Can my company do this?

Answer I think you will find it is illegal to record a private conversation as it infringes on your civil rights.But, I think you will only be able to enforce this if you have official breaks near to the ... Read More »

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Anyone know about this company Eurofx in UK, is this company reliable to trade, how to make a company seach?

For investment matters in the UK, go directly to the FSA (Financial Services Authority) site. There you would learn that Eurofx is "not authorised to carry on regulated activity in the UK"Obvious ... Read More »

If I am owed money, is it illegal to hold on to company property if I no longer work for the company?

Two totally separate things.Them owing you money is something you have to deal with through civil courts.If you do not return the equipment then it is effectively theft.You should not have to arran... Read More »

What Disciplinary Actions Can a company take against employee for using company phone to text family member?

Suspend you without pay, sack you, loss of seniority, tell you, you are a naughty girl and not to do it again which would be a written warning, It will go on your company record anyway.I know of a... Read More »

Employee resigns from company due to paranoid delusions. Does company have any legal duty of care?

Her first visit should be to the Mental Health Association to see what services they can offer her.Depending on how long she worked there, she may be eligible for a severance pay, plus final pay, u... Read More »