Can my employee stop me working elsewhere when I'm part time?

Answer I cannot answer this legally but if it has been included in you terms of employment which you must have signed, then they could discharge you if you do not comply. In any case be fair with them, g... Read More »

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What benefits will i be entitled to if i stop working full time, and start working part time?

On £20k a year you won't receive Housing Benefit or Working Tax Credits, may receive a reduced rate of Child Tax Credits

When working two jobs(one full time, one part time) how is each taxed?

full time your tax coded rate part time higher rate or basic rate. It's a shme we have to rely on two jobs to keep us afloat!!

Can you get help with mortgage when working part time?

If you're trying to get by on a low income without resorting to benefits, swallow your pride and get along to the dole offices a.s.a.p. You may get some income support and housing benefit toward th... Read More »

Hi, i got a permanent part time job of 28 hrs, and working in other job as part time for 20 hrs, i want to?

Your tax allowance will be set against the job that pays the mostyou will probably get no tax allowance from the second jobTo work out how much tax you will pay, you would need to tell us what your... Read More »