Can my employer make me work 51.50 hours?

Answer You can refuse to work past your contract hours. As you are leaving there is nothing they can do to make you work any longer.Friend of mine regularly works a 50 hour week in a Care Home.UK

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Can my employer make me work over my contracted hours?

What does your contract say?? Most contracts address the matter of overtime work and most require to to work a set amount of overtime without advance notice.BTW, it's "bear" in mind, not "bare."

Can My Employer Reduce My Hours of Work?

Barring contractual obligations or illegal practices, most employers can reduce your work hours to cut costs due to lack of work or for other reasons. Your rights and recourse depend on the circums... Read More »

Can my employer suddenly drop my work hours (UK)?

I think he can reduce because your contract of employment states 7 hours as a minimum. He will view it that it is just your good fortune that you have had such a long spell at higher hours.

Employment Law: Can your Employer change your hours and contract of work?

Have a look at Under the employment section there is an employment terms and conditions sub section, with a link for changes to employment conditions - you should find this help... Read More »