Can my room-mate through a wireless connection, see what I'm doing on my computer?

Answer Yes and no.A simple example of what she can do is monitor the router log for what web sites you are visiting. To see what I am referring to, enable verbose logging on your wired or wireless router... Read More »

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What do I need to set up a wireless connection to a non wireless computer?

just plug the yellow ethernet cable into the back of your PC from the hub... but if you want to make it wireless just get a dongle from somewhere like argos ...I have tried many brands of dongle an... Read More »

Do you think that using someones connection through wireless is theft?

In a way yes...but who will find out....go for it!!!!!

At home i have wireless, my dads computer used it aswell, can he see what i am doing on my laptop?

Help, wireless connection says local access only, even when connected through ethernet?

Remove the network name on your laptop it's most likely corrupt very easy follow steps below1.Shut down the router and leave it off2.On your laptop go to the wireless network icon (bottom right of... Read More »