Can my son get job seekers allowance at 16?

Answer No, not until 18 or he has been kicked out of home and is estranged from parents.You need to feed yourself and give him a pot noodle for the week.He needs to buck up. It's hard giving tough love, b... Read More »

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Job seekers allowance in UK.?

its not called emergency fund ... there are two types you can apply fro one is a crisis loan and the other is budget loan , where the job centre can give you up to 1500 pounds and you have to pa... Read More »

Job seekers allowance?

You need to make sure you attend your new jobcentre before your next signing day. You should then get about a 20min interview to sort stuff out and sign a few bits.

Job seekers allowance help?

Anybody that is unemployed and is actively seeking work is entitled to claim JSA so i cant see you having a problem with that...

Job seekers allowance question.?

You can claim this benefit when you've been laid off.Even if your partner is working (this is only possible if your partner is in part time work and is worked out by means testing).