Can my work sack me for a facebook status with no reference to work or any names mentioned?

Answer Not sure about UK laws related to this but you might want to look at other cases dealing with termination of employment due to a Facebook status. The logical view would be that activities outside ... Read More »

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My teacher said that if you lift a 5 pound sack, you are doing work but if you carry the sack, you aren't doing any work. Why is that?

When you lift the sack, you are pushing it upward (to support its weight) and it is moving upward. Since the force you exert on the sack and the distance it is traveling are in the same direction, ... Read More »

How does the 'relationship status' on facebook work?

yes its just like thathe will have to accept it for him to show up as being in a relationship with

Gross Misconduct Can I sack an employee for conducting private work in work time?

John, the simple answer is 'yes'.I do understand a fellow contributor's concern you have asked here, but then many employees ask when at the receiving end. It is a big topic, and I'd urge you to r... Read More »

Three month probation at work which ends tomorrow, my manager and the owner haven't mentioned it.Advice?

So-called probationary periods have no legal status at all. Wait until things quieten down in the New Year and then ask for some feedback on your performance.