Can offensive facebook pages be reported directly to the police?

Answer Contact your local police department directly and depending on the size of your town/city you may be directed to the "online" branch of the police department and they will deal with it if there is ... Read More »

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Fake Facebook reported to the police?

The Police are not interested in petty squabbles on the internet!However if he has knowingly given you a STD then he can beprosecuted under the Offences against the Person Act 1861.He could also be... Read More »

Reported to the police?

prosecuted for possessing items already reported to police?

you need real legal advice on this one CharlesIf the material in question is 'computer related' then this is a fairly complex area of law but for you to receive proper advice on here then I am afra... Read More »

What jobs could you get with a degree in criminology that isn't directly with the police?

I think with the police there are no opportunities to enter at a higher level. You can get put on a graduate fast track scheme to get experience and promotion quicker but you have to begin as a con... Read More »