Can other people see your chat on facebook?

Answer Nope, that is between you and the person you are chatting with. No one can see that.

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Why Don't People Appear in My Chat Box Although They're on Facebook?

Facebook chat is used to instant message with Facebook friends. If a Facebook friend is online and available to chat, a green circle appears to the right of a friend's name in the chat list. Facebo... Read More »

What determines which people come up at the top of facebook chat?

it is a mix of two things. One their activity on facebook and whether you visit their pages and like and comment on their posts. I dont know what percentage of weight each of these carry. But it mi... Read More »

Do people prefer to use skype instead of facebook chat?

I wanna chat with people online but i dont really know anyone will someone add me to their myspace to chat?

also feel like chatting right now i will and you can also add me on Hope to here from you. And my email is,you are always welcome to emai... Read More »