Can other people see your chat on facebook?

Answer Nope, that is between you and the person you are chatting with. No one can see that.

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Do u think it is wrong to talk to people of the opposite sex in chat rooms and not tell your other half?

There's nothing wrong with harmless chatting. It will only be a problem if you 2 ever decide to meet.

Is it OK for other people to put photos of your children on Facebook?


How to hide your posts from other people on Facebook?

After or before you type your post, you will see this little icon, its either an icon that has 2 ppl or an icon that is like the settings icon, press that, then press custom, after that go under wh... Read More »

On Facebook can other people see what someone has written on your wall?

You can set your privacy levels and if there is someone in particular that you don't want to see your wall, you can customize it. Next to your name at the top right corner there is a button for se... Read More »