Can people copy your friendlist on facebook?

Answer you can do anything on facebook and their is nothing you can do about it that's why i don't care for facebook

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Facebook; are the people under your friends list on your profile the people who visit your wall most?

it's based on interaction as explained here

Can someone copy your facebook posts and use them against you?

Feel free to facebook about the letter. You haven't signed a NDA between you and the school, so the school has absolutely no power to stop you posting.

Is there a way to easily copy one of your personal albums to a group on facebook?

Yes, you can share those photo. Otherwise, there are no any way to copy those photo from your personal album.

How to not let people see your friends on facebook?

Click on the top of your page that says friends. This will bring up your friends list. There is an icon at the top of the page that says 'edit'. Click this and the box will drop down. There is t... Read More »