Can people see what i have been looking at because i was on there WIFI?

Answer Some routers (esp. FiOS) can be set to record websites visited and there are open-source programs that can intercept traffic from a computer by telling the computer they are a server. If you want ... Read More »

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Is there any adult material on youtube...i have been looking threw it and there doesnt seem to be any.?

i dont assume much, i just have a hope of gaining 10 points.Adult Category on

Can you think of any other products that have been renamed because people kept saying it wrongly?

This happens all the time with words and names. Maria Sharapova's surname should be pronounced "Sharra-Poh-Va", not Sharra-Pova. And half the English now pronounce the word Wrath as "raff" instead... Read More »

What kinda of Jobs are there for people who have been to prison.?

Are there any people in London (UK) who are looking for an IT job, but have no IT experience?