Can people see when you set them as a "Close Friend" on Facebook?

Answer No they can't. The lists are for you, no one can see them but you.

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What happens when you make someone a close friend of Facebook Does that person know?

You become a stalker. They have no idea that you've done it, but everything they do becomes a priority on you're news feed. It made me uncomfortable.

Regarding Facebook, Do you add people you don't know if they ask to be your friend?

No. I don't want to see random status updates and news feeds on people I don't know lol.

Facebook users - What do you do when people you hardly know add you as a friend?

my wish ..if it's a cutie whom i wanna know more ..i accept the request ..but if he/she is some annoying creature ..i ignore the request ..(i know ..mean me..)

Going to a concert tonight with close guy friend(i like him) but im dating his friend....?

Who are you going to watch? Justin Bieber? Hahahahahaha