Can people see when you set them as a "Close Friend" on Facebook?

Answer No they can't. The lists are for you, no one can see them but you.

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Should I accept 'friend requests' from people on Facebook when I don't even know them?

How can we possibly answer that when we don't know eithr you or them?Your the only one who can make that decision! We can't do it for you.The reason? 50% will say no and 50% will say yes!

What happens when you make someone a close friend of Facebook Does that person know?

You become a stalker. They have no idea that you've done it, but everything they do becomes a priority on you're news feed. It made me uncomfortable.

Facebook users - What do you do when people you hardly know add you as a friend?

my wish ..if it's a cutie whom i wanna know more ..i accept the request ..but if he/she is some annoying creature ..i ignore the request ..(i know ..mean me..)

Why do people try to add me on facebook when I hated them back in school and they hated me?

I've been having this problem lately too, there's two possibilities, which one it is depends on if they communicate with you or not. If they send you messages seeing how you are doing then they gre... Read More »