Can people tell if your weird through a computer screen?

Answer why are you worrying about some idiot on the other end of a computer screen ?.. they don't know you, you don't know them.. move on..

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When you hold a flashlight to your hand, some of the light comes through. What light frequencies shine through people Is it possible to see inside people — PC?

Biological tissues themselves are relatively transparent. They're not good conductors of electricity and electric insulators are typically transparent (quartz, diamond, sapphire, salt, sugar). But ... Read More »

What do you call the plastic sheets used on computer screen so only people in front can see the screen?

My computer screen has gone a bit weird after my laptop battery died. Can someone give me some help please?

Desktop -> Right Click -> Screen resolution -> Set it to max.

Diffraction: I would have thought that the waves wouldn't go through the screen because the wave was too long to recognize the holes in it. How did the light go through the screen?

When I sent laser light through a fine screen, it formed an interesting diffraction pattern on a distant wall. The holes in the screen were small, but not nearly as small as a wavelength of light. ... Read More »