Can someone copy your facebook posts and use them against you?

Answer Feel free to facebook about the letter. You haven't signed a NDA between you and the school, so the school has absolutely no power to stop you posting.

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If you block someone on Facebook whom you've posted on, everyone else can see your posts but them?

if you block someone they can no longer chat with you see your pictures or post on your wall i got blacked and i know what happens i hope i help

How to Tell if Someone Has Hidden Your Posts on Facebook?

When you post on someone's Facebook profile, both you and that person have the option to hide your post. This deletes it from view. Unless you remember exactly when you posted the content, it can b... Read More »

If someone had under 80 friends on facebook, what would be your thoughts of them?

i wouldnt think anything either way - the number of friends someone has doesnt tell you anything about what type of person someone isit's childish to worry about such things

If someone on myspace has hide there comments when someone posts one. is there a way you can see them?

Yes - this will show you how to.…