Can someone give me a list of cool websites for 11year olds to go on 10 points!!!!?

Answer,,,,,,, ect..

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Where can I find a database or list that shows a large list of membership websites from around the internet?

Although providing the list its self is not the primary purpose of this site (it's for checking username availability and regestering usernames) it has a pretty comprehensive list Read More »

How do I clear the list of websites I have viewed from my history list?

looks like someone is being naughty...Lies and blaspheme to your update, your just watching some midget love scenes and hiding it from your family.

What are some cool websites to make accounts on?

GmailYahoo MailHotmailFacebookTwitterMy SpaceYouTubeFlickrHi5

Cool Usernames ***11 POINTS!!***?