Can someone help me get onto my bfs facebook?

Answer Ask my girlfriend. Her dads a computer technician so she knows how to hack my sh*t. Haha so she says. Biotch.

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What happens if someone logs onto your Facebook account the same time as you do?

i'm pretty sure nothing happens. I've been logged on my computer and left it logged in and have logged into my account at friend's houses and nothing suspicious happens on either end.

My laptop wont let me onto facebook!!! can anyone help?

Facebook: someone has photos of my girlfriend. help!?

If that girl took the photos on her own camera or phone, then the photos belong to her and she can do what she wants with them.Assuming these are just normal holiday photos, and not photos of your ... Read More »

Can someone help me with facebook please :)?

Go back into your Privacy Settings and just change the Custom View to JUST Friends.Only your contacts will now see anything.If you include Friends of Friends then everybody of those Friends will se... Read More »