Can someone help me with facebook please :)?

Answer Go back into your Privacy Settings and just change the Custom View to JUST Friends.Only your contacts will now see anything.If you include Friends of Friends then everybody of those Friends will se... Read More »

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Can someone with a knowledge of sailing please, please help?

eerie, ibeboatin and science teacher all have good points......a Hunter is a local weekend lightly built boat and doesn't have the room for the supplies you need....figure this..the best sailing r... Read More »

I need help with someone with experience please?

It would help if you confined your answer to USA section- this question is turning up on the UK site. And we don't have Cadillacs and know nothing about your local used car dealer.

Please can someone help me with WiFi? You have a few options here, best thing you could probably do is run down to your local Best Buy or Frys and pick yourself up a USB wi-fi adapter, less than $30, attach that to desktop... Read More »

Can someone help me please (to do with msn messenger)?

I would attempt to help but you didn't post an actual question you just posted a link to a different question, which is a violation, but I'm sure you are aware of that.No need for negative reply's,... Read More »