Can someone hunt you down with an IP address?

Answer You asked only an hour ago about this and you were told they wouldn't know in the first place, let alone get hold of your IP address.Will you stop being out of control and paranoid about it before ... Read More »

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Can someone track down were i live with my computers ip address.?

IF they have your IP address... (this is NOT permanent, by the way)IF they know your ISP...then, perhaps, they could, somehow, find out your home address from your ISP. Unlikely unless they are an ... Read More »

Can someone actually track you down from MSN using your IP address or ...?

Your actual home address cannot be traced through an IP address. Using a IP tracer will only give you a rough location of where you are [and according to some people it can be up to a 100 miles out... Read More »

What can someone do with an I.P. address?

Nothing to worry about. The closest thing an IP address can lead you is the ISP and its location (country, state and city). You can't get any closer without issuing a the ISP a Court Order coming f... Read More »

How can I add someone on msn with their e:mail address?

yr asking how do you add somene and then you follow on by asking people to add whats yr problem