Can someone please help me with my computer?

Answer The number of songs is almost certainly NOT the reason your computer is running slowly.The slowness could be down to a number of things, including loading too many supposedly 'helpful' programs on ... Read More »

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The problem may be that you need a new drive, or you may be better off getting a new computer as I don't think its going to be easy or cheap to repair (plus computers slow down over time and you wi... Read More »

Can someone please help me with my computer screen?

I think your monitor is on it's way out.Time for a new one soon.The same thing was happening to me before it finally wouldn't go on at all.

Can someone with a knowledge of sailing please, please help?

eerie, ibeboatin and science teacher all have good points......a Hunter is a local weekend lightly built boat and doesn't have the room for the supplies you need....figure this..the best sailing r... Read More »

Is rebooting your computer the same as restarting it Someone please help!?

YESSome programs you install will instruct you to reboot or restart. Yes it means exactly the same thing.