Can someone recommend a Broadband ISP Ta!?

Answer yeah i agree i have used talk/talk for a while now never once lost connection (customer service is sum times not to good) but it is good sum times......... alot of people seem to have had trouble w... Read More »

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Who would you recommend for broadband?

Uk broadband - What do you recommend?

take a look here .... seems to be the best in UK , i'm using Demon at the moment it's reliable but sometimes slow at peak times

Can you recommend a reliable broadband provider?

Every single one of them has 'their problems' - all making outrageous claims of speeds and service etc - and 'none' meeting those ridiculous claims made.I use BT - as good and bad as any of the ot... Read More »

Wish to recommend a friend to bt broadband?

You fone 150 from your landline and give her details and they will ring her on a mobile..... you get 30 pound off your bill too nice