Can someone tell me some good paying jobs which include business and not accounting and science...?

Answer Marketing and sales, Finance and Management.

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Any good job sites for entry-level accounting jobs in the UK?

HAT group of accountants sponsor ppl to do the AAT. Try their most of the big four and other mid tier accoutancies also do post A Level entrance, try and google: ... Read More »

Cant find a good it jobs which doesn't include programming ?

HiTo a big extent your score in your degree shouldn't be the highlight of any interview, Its your experience and knowledge that should count. Besides being a programmer there are a lot of careers i... Read More »

High paying jobs in business?

What kind of businessObviously owning your own business is the best thing to do

High paying and interesting jobs to do with business?

You will not get a highly paid job in business unless you have a degree and experience.UK