Can the same IP address have multiple network masks?

Answer Of course. In fact, excepting special purpose IP addresses (e.g. the loopback and multicast ranges) _all_ IP addresses have multiple network masks. Which is in use depends on the scope.For exampl... Read More »

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Can a pc on network have same ip n mac address as that of another pc on the network?

each nic does have a burnt in mac address. it can be emulated, spoofed, by someone that knows what they are doing but it is not the normal problem. ip address conflicts can cause problems all the... Read More »

Windows has detected an IP address conflict,another computer on this network has the same IP address?

If you have a router within your home so that you can connect more than one PC to your Internet, then the router assigns an internal IP address to each computer. For some reason it has given the s... Read More »

Can 2 different computers on the same internet network have different IP address?

Your 2 computers would have different private IP addresses, however the rest of the world will not see these IP addresses, they will see the IP address of your router, and this will be different to... Read More »

Would 2 laptops using the same wireless internet connection have the same IP address?

Both computers will have same external IP address and you can easily test it with:……From other side both computer... Read More »