Can they actually tell or not?

Answer no they can not tell when you are searching for them.

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On the underground, when they say 'someone taken ill on a train', what do they actually meant?

Because perhpas the train needs to stop so the person can get help!!!

Solicitor is one of the executors on the will, how little do they actually have to be involved and what can they charge for?

I agree. There was a feature on Watchdog a while back regarding unscrupulous probate.I think you should ask them to state their fees/percentage, and voice concerns about the previous problem, and s... Read More »

Do the initals of the insurance company AXA actually stand for anything If they do, what do they stand for?

AXA was a group of insurance companies, primarily in France and Canada, that was looking for a new Corporate Name. The name must be "short and snappy name that would convey its vitality." It also... Read More »

GPS error - our street is actually a cul-de-sac - who do I tell?

All the GPS makers get maps from various sources, but contacting each of them would still be the best bet. They can contact the map maker to get this corrected. Most common brands are Garmi... Read More »