Can they see you coming online?

Answer nope have you ever seen it come onto your screen? no right, obviously one of your contacts at some point or the other have signed in offline while you were online, trust me it doesnt, otherwise peo... Read More »

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Where can i find an up and coming designer to sell clothes on my online store?

Why do people's lips not match the words coming out of their mouths in online videos?

Sometimes the video is badly put together and the audio doesn't match up to the video and is out of timing. It could also be that the video is very high quality and your computer/laptop/whatever ca... Read More »

I have a horse hair like material coming out my exhaust. There is "miles" of it. Where is it coming from?

IT IS DEFINITELY YOUR CAT CONVERTER ! cost you around £100 + for a new one !

Where is the best place online to learn about Cars, and what all of the technical stuff means, online?

The best place is NOT online, it is with a book.Online articles are usually too scattered and usually quick tips or other small articles. A book will have a comprehensive explanation of the subjec... Read More »