Can they see you coming online?

Answer nope have you ever seen it come onto your screen? no right, obviously one of your contacts at some point or the other have signed in offline while you were online, trust me it doesnt, otherwise peo... Read More »

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Any one signed for online surveys,are they safe,do they pay etc.?

dont do it!i started with them and they turned out to be rubbish and now my bulk folder is constantly choc-a-bloc with stupid requests every time i log on!!!!!!!

House prices.. Do you think they`re coming down?

It all depends on the area and how much the property is worth at present, myself I believe they are starting to stabilise at the moment, the next few months will all be dependent on the so called c... Read More »

My car let the water coming in, but they told me this car, gooo !?

Hello !As long as you rame dawn, you keep your head out of the water or full of, it depends.Helleau le Squirrel : He ob vi ous ly not need any help. Humour sense you know ?

Where can i find an up and coming designer to sell clothes on my online store?