Can this computer run Minecraft and Tekkit?

Answer Yes, it can. My computer can run minecraft and tekkit, and it's a lower class laptop than the one you're showing here. It can probably play whatever game you put in as long as you set the graphics ... Read More »

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I have a minecraft account but it does not work for tekkit.?

Are you migrated? In that case, use your email as username.

I can't join any minecraft or tekkit servers?

This usally happens when you are playing on a laggy connection, this use to happen to me before the world had loaded. As for the fact that he is unable to join your game when he enters the ip try p... Read More »

Minecraft Tekkit Server problem?

It could be a couple things. First, make sure you are inputting the IP address manually and not copy-pasting (to prevent special characters from sneaking in). Also, some routers will prevent you ... Read More »

Can't join minecraft or tekkit servers?

If your internet isnt good enough, that might be why. Have you port fowarded or are you using hamachi