Can two people use a computer at the same time?

Answer Yes, you need thin client hardware.The hardware just remote desktops into the computer and emulates the other computer. This is an extension of the old idea of dumb terminals.

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How do I log onto 2 MSN accounts at the same time on the same computer?

either download two different msn version, i.e. msn 8.5 and 9or have one msn download and use ebuddy as well!

Is it OK to run two firewalls on my computer at the same time.?

Q. Should I use both the built-in firewall and a software firewall from a different company on my Windows XP computer? A. No. Running multiple software firewalls is unnecessary for typical home com... Read More »

Why do people drive with no seat belt on and use a mobile at the same time?

People don't think. They don't think about the possibilities? The average American is ego centric and is caught up in the moment. Saying that we as a society aren't is denial at it's best.Being ... Read More »

Is there any way to divid a computer screen to 2-3 screens on the same time?

Yes, Using xp, this will work with a graphics card that supports it. There are many available. You can then line up all your screens and move between them with the mouse. Alternatively, you can ... Read More »