Can u leave your broadband modem on all the time mine gets very hot is this usual?

Answer Yes, you can but it shouldn't be getting really hot. The SpeedStream 5360 DSL Modem is known to get very warm though so I'm sure that there are other models out there that also do. Plug your modem ... Read More »

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Ok to leave my pc, with broadband and XP, switched on all the time?

I do and and its fine for me. Actually I think they reccomend it if you have broadband... Its just a little extra wear and tear on your power supply. Heres what to do if you leave you computer on... Read More »

Broadband.... Do You Leave It Connected All The Time?

having xp's firewall on will not protect you very welli would get a better firewallzonealarmwww.zonelabs.comnow to your questionleaving your connection on all the time is not advised as its opening... Read More »

Has anyone used the usb modem for broadband on pay as you go?

I hope my wife is buying me one for Xmas :)To use them as a sole internet connection they are slower and more expensive than cable or ADSL (and they have very low caps!) but if you are just looking... Read More »

Going from modem to broadband?

It depends if you are getting Virgien Media, Orange etc etc and what type of broadband modem you will get (yes, you get another broadband!). They normally come with a USB connection anyway.