Can we access into other computer's hard drive in WAN by only knowing his IP?

Answer You will need to know a lot more than the IP. The IP is like knowing someones phone number. You can call, but someone on the other end has to answer.. getting a computer to answer is not all that e... Read More »

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One hard drive 2 computers?

Or assuming all computers are connected to the same router use one of these (or similar) Even if you did, you'd have to remember to "safely remove hardw... Read More »

How to Share My External Hard Drive With My Other Computers?

A properly configured computer can share the contents of an external hard drive with other computers on the network. Computers can share anything that is assigned a drive letter -- hard drives, dis... Read More »

Hi my son wants to reformat his computers hard drive is this tricky?

No, Linda, the preloaded operating system, Windows in your case, is not preloaded to prevent putting it on another system. It could be done, but the average user doesn't have the know how to do it.... Read More »

Could I have done damage to my computers hard drive or is the computer shop trying to rip me off?

You probably have got a faulty drive (which the shop will have tested when you left it with them) but that has nothing to do with what you did.It's unlikely they'd try to charge you for something y... Read More »