Can we access into other computer's hard drive in WAN by only knowing his IP?

Answer You will need to know a lot more than the IP. The IP is like knowing someones phone number. You can call, but someone on the other end has to answer.. getting a computer to answer is not all that e... Read More »

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How to Share My External Hard Drive With My Other Computers?

A properly configured computer can share the contents of an external hard drive with other computers on the network. Computers can share anything that is assigned a drive letter -- hard drives, dis... Read More »

Why is my 1TB hard drive only 913GB I picked up a 1TB external hard drive from Maxtor but why is it short?

the measurement of a drive is the value of the storage that is not formatted. its not short it may be the two ways that drive space is measured, in bin, a terabyte is 1,099,511,627,776 bits the oth... Read More »

I have two Hard Drive one is an 80GB the other is a 1.9GB hard disk.?

Hi Nicola,I would think that by Installing the operating system on the 1.9 would mean the updates also went onto the smaller drive. Usually a second or third hard drive is used to store docs and pe... Read More »

One hard drive 2 computers?

Or assuming all computers are connected to the same router use one of these (or similar) Even if you did, you'd have to remember to "safely remove hardw... Read More »