Can we get broadband in this way?

Answer You cannot connect an ordinary broadband modem to a mobile phone. The transmission technology is totally different - not just the connectors, but the actual signalling used is totally incompatible.... Read More »

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I am connected to broadband at 7,6 mpbs. What does this mean Is this a fast medium or slow connection please?

First of all, 7.6 mbps is a VERY respectful speed. Secondly, we need to make sure that you're looking at the correct thing. If you're looking for the speeds of your Internet connectivity you need ... Read More »

BT broadband, is this accurate?

If you had a very slow BB connection and a long, damaged extension wire into which you plugged your hub then plugging it directly into the main phone socket would give you some increase (probably n... Read More »

Is this broadband speed any good?

the 8mbps is the total speed of your internet connection.when the speed test says you have:Download: 6060kbps - this means your download speed is at 6060 kilobits per sec, which is not bad. the rea... Read More »

Virgin Broadband Users: Is this Normal?

Yes, it's normal. I'm no virgin, sorry but I think I have the answer your looking for.The reason your modem and router lights are always flickering is due to the modem and router always talking to ... Read More »