Can you change the size of the writting, written on the computer?

Answer For internet explorer got to internet explorer, on the menu bar you will see View > Text Size > select the sizeFor windows display go to Control Panel > Display > Setting > Advance > select the fon... Read More »

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My computer is writting simboles instead of words how can I fix it back?

Go to control panel, region and language options, and make sure it is set proper for your language, countryNext, go to control panel, display, display, appearance, advanced, and make sure the fonts... Read More »

First time-buyers.Does vendor can change his mind after writting confirmation that our offer has been accepted?

Either party may drop out without penalty up until the time at which contracts are exchanged (and the completion date is set).

How to change screen size on computer?

Your Monitor is capable of adjusting the H/V Positions.…Controls & Adjustments..H/V position,Brightness,Contrast,Clock,Color temperature,Color balance So g... Read More »

How do I change my settings so that internet pages are full size instead of about quarter size?

If you are using Internet Explorer (and version 7 of it) please try the following:-1. Select the Internet Options from the tools menu2. Select the advanced tab on the Internet Options3. Under Acces... Read More »