Can you connect a non-wireless device to a wireless network?

Answer Yes you can…

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Is there any device to connect non-wireless router to a wireless laptop!!!?

its called a wireless switch or access point and can be bought fairly cheaply like these here…if you don't need any extra wired connections Edimax EW-7206A... Read More »

I forgot my wireless password, how can I connect to my wireless network again?

Reset the router.Maybe in future put a stick on the back of the router with your password on it.

Is it possible to use a wireless router to connect to a wireless network?

You might be able to change it to a wireless access point. I believe the Linksys routers had that option. Here is what it says on my Belkin routerUSE as Access PointWhen using the Router as an Acc... Read More »

What Is a Wireless Network Device?

A wireless network device can be best defined as a network device used to connect computers and computer hardware together without cables, normally through radio signals. The term "wireless network... Read More »