Can you connect to Twitter right now?

Answer Probably technical difficulties?because they're fixing something they had to shut down the system for a bit?

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Can You Connect Tumblr & Twitter?

The blogging platform Tumblr includes a built-in tool to automatically send updates to Twitter when a new post is created. You manage the feature through the Settings page for each individual blog.... Read More »

Why won't my connect to my twitter?

Go on Twitter settings and check if theres anything on there. Or email twitter. Hope I helped @nkhan113

Whats the right way to connect another router to the virgin media superhub?

First of all, if you are using an ethernet cable, you have to make sure that it is a crossover cable and not a straight through or it will not work. Then you will need to see if there is a way in y... Read More »

When I connect my laptop to my TV, the internet connection slows right down to a crawl. Why?

It takes more power to stream videos across bigger screens. This is probably created by your computer using a cheaper Motherboard, and a low budget Video Card.