Can you get a hard drives that can send data wirelessly without the internet?

Answer Bluetooth maybe...

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How to Switch Hard Drives & Transfer Data to a New Drive?

Switch from the existing hard drive in a computer system to a larger hard drive by cloning the operating system, applications, settings and user data. Hard drive cloning software allows a brand new... Read More »

Will SSD Hard drives be the future of hard drives or will traditional HDD's continue the trend?

i think its the way forward, i have ssd to which is working very well,

What are the differences between external hard drives and internal hard drives?

Speed is a huge difference. You would normally connect the external drive with a USB, Firewire, or External SATA connection, and these are going to be slower than using an internal IDE or SATA conn... Read More »

I have to send back a faulty hard drive to dell, whats the best way to ensure all data is removed?

Hi use disk kill utility to erase all data on disk permanently. Get more information on