Can you give me a short definition of these words please?

Answer Field = A piece of information about a person or thingRecord = All the information about a person or thingPrimary Key = A unique identifier for the record in the database.

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Edit my (very) short story please!! - it's only 80 words long!?

I awoke at 3:00am, with that exhilarating holiday rush travelling through my body. Jumping around in excitement, I grabbed my suitcase, dashed out the door and leapt into the awaiting taxi. Within ... Read More »

Please give your definition of good customer service?

The customer is always right and customer service does everything in their power to rectify the problem.

Be careful what you wish for. wise words... give an example please of how this would be meaningful?

Having a bad father that you couldn't stand yet still loved...I wish he'd just leave...a few days later...your mom divorces him...Be careful what you wish just might come true

Can someone please give a short explanation on active x. norton say to install it?

a active x is a small program that runs while you are browsing the internet. While they are mostly harmless and help you, some can have spyware. My advice to you is to only run a active x on a site... Read More »