Can you give me a short definition of these words please?

Answer Field = A piece of information about a person or thingRecord = All the information about a person or thingPrimary Key = A unique identifier for the record in the database.

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I want a short saying to have as a tattoo, something inspiring, 6 words max?

I really like the idea of certain words done by symbols. Like Chinese script or something like that. For the most part no one will know what it stands for unless you tell them. I am considering get... Read More »

Edit my (very) short story please!! - it's only 80 words long!?

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OK, all you who are at work and bored to death. Can you make a short story using the following words?

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In a short space of time how many words can you make out of the word...laptop...?

aatlaalatlatopottoplappalalpaltoatpatpoptapoptaptapplotplotaltoatoppalp opalHaha! I beat you! I got 26! Oh yeah! xxxLol I think X