Can you help me to decide which logo should I use for my website?

Answer Sample 2 is much better - go with that!

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How to put "Website Logo" in address bar?

You will have to create the favicon based on the Microsoft specs when it comes to the size. Also keep in mind that favicon icon may not be supported in all browsers Such as Netscape,Safari, Konqure... Read More »

I would like to use the Virgin Mobile logo on my website - can I What do I do?

From the "legal" page of the virginmobile website:…"The "Virgin" name, the Virgin signature logo, the "Virgin Mobile" name and Virgin Mobile logo are regis... Read More »

How do you decide whether to trust a shopping website?

Try to find a review site.… See if your store is listed here... Read reviews and see what people say.

Does anyone know of a website that can help me decide what career will best suit me..?……