Can you name some big UK internet providers apart from BT?

Answer BT and Virgin are the only two really.There are other names for ADSL providers like talk talk, o2, sky etc however they all use the BT exchange and backbone, renting it from BT and selling it on. T... Read More »

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Do internet service providers check deleted internet history?

Deleting internet history only occurs on your computer/laptop or whatever!Other than that ANY ISP is required by Law to KEEP a recordof all your internet activity for up to a period of 5 years.Othe... Read More »

I would like to know if Internet providers can find out what you connect to the Internet and how. Please reply?

Yes, they can. They can tell what is connected by looking at the individual MAC Address of the device. By using the MAC address they know what the device is as the MAC is unique to each device, it ... Read More »

Internet providers, are they all the same?

If you have a rubbish, old phone line and are a long way from the exchange then they all use the same phone line so you won't get better results from any ISP. Maybe you want to try a cable company ... Read More »

Can i have different phone and internet providers?

I don't think so I think your line rental has to be the same for broadband