Can you only use a keyboard to use a computer, if you don't have a mouse?

Answer Yes. You can turn on Mouse keys by pressing the ALT, Left SHIFT, and NUM LOCK keys.Now you can use the numeric keypad on your keyboard to move the mouse pointer. You can click / right click.Hope th... Read More »

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Will liquid leak from a keyboard to the mouse and computer?

Cut your losses and buy a new keyboard, they are cheap enoughHTHDavid

Computer stuck at log on screen - mouse and keyboard aren't working?

It's a bit of a boring response but try turning it off and on again.Force turn it off by holding down the power button until it turns off.

My computer has a virus and is beyond repair, but can i still use the monitor mouse and keyboard?

yeah you should still be able to use them.btw, ive just emailed you but im not sure if it will send. if it doesnt then you can try emailing me at...deerussell@fsmail.netor if you have facebook then... Read More »

How to turn on my internet on MSI Computer, Keyboard Dont Work.?

I Cant be specific as you didn't state the laptop model.…That will explain how to enable it through Device Manager.Another option -> Read More »