Can you please add my friend?

Answer I would, but I met him a couple of weeks ago and he seems kind of dumb and annoying so wouldn't want to be friends with him.

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How do I find out my Myspace 'friend ID' please?

no no no go to view ur profile, look through there, it should give ur url, then a= sign and there will be a number right there, copy it and do what u wish with it.... I am a myspace creator, if you... Read More »

Did my friend delete me on facebook please help?

i think he deleted you. possibly by accident though. try looking at his profile though and if it says "add as friend" obviously you are no longer friends and if it doesn't say anything like this th... Read More »

Friend request notice please?

I had it because someone in my school didn't add me because when he actually say the request we were no longer friends and when the person u added declined your friend request they put they didn't ... Read More »

I cant find a friend on Facebook, please help!?

One of you could have accidentally blocked the other. That would not let you see anything. To fix this problem just go to your Facebook privacy settings and go to blocked people and apps from ther... Read More »