Can you really run windows on a mac?

Answer It's possible because Macs now offers computers that use Intel processors.No.Yes.regards,Philip T

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Is windows vista really better than windows xp?

It will be, eventually. It will be much better once the first or second service pack become available from Microsoft. I asked my IT guy at work the same question, and his response was this: If y... Read More »

Is my Windows 7 really in HDMI?

I can tell now your either trying to hook up a hdmi laptop with a low 1280x720 resolution or your tower that is only set to 1280 x 720 resolution. Make you go into the Nvidia or ati or amd settings... Read More »

Is Windows 8 really as bad as it is painted?

I don't think it is as bad as painted. Microsoft did an excellent job with windows7 and they have retained much of the 'behind-the-scenes' programming that makes it so good. There is a little bit o... Read More »

If I get a piece of coal and squash it really really really really hard will it turn in to a diamond?

yes, but it's easier to get a diamond and sort of fluff it up until it becomes a piece of coal