Can you retrieve files from your hard-drive, which you 'shredded'.?

Answer All files stored on a hard drive are accessed via a "reference" that is, say, a "list" of all the files and where they are on the drive when you delete the file all that happens is that this "refe... Read More »

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How can i retrieve files from my hard drive that i have just formatted and reinstalled windows?

Stop using the computer.Then either do a web search, on another computer, for data recovery software. That would be best installed on a flash drive and you could probably recover some of your data:... Read More »

Retrieve documents from hard drive?

How do i transfer Avi. files from my MAC hard drive to an external hard drive?

Do you have a home network?If yes, when both computers are online you could transfer them via a modem. If you don't why don't you burn DVDs for it. There shouldn't be any format issues as it's an e... Read More »

How can I retrieve my data from my external hard drive when it says it needs to be formatted?

Sounds like the partitions are gone - that would explain the no drive found. Check the website below for some ideas on how to restore the partitions. If you can do that, you may be able to recover ... Read More »