Can you run two PC's from the one modem?

Answer if your modem/router is wireles it will work fineas long as the pc has a wireless card thay dont come standerd in most check the box.

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Is there any way of stopping my internet from disconnecting from my modem to my next door neighbours?

lol so u are using ur neighbours wireless? if its fatser than urs leave it like that utill he notices..otherwise u can encrypt the internet connection so it requires a password to connect

Is it possible to split a cable from a modem so that more than one PC can work from it?

well u need a regular router and then u can with ethernet .. u cant use seperate modems off of a split input cable though .....

Going from modem to broadband?

It depends if you are getting Virgien Media, Orange etc etc and what type of broadband modem you will get (yes, you get another broadband!). They normally come with a USB connection anyway.

How to crack a usb modem to become universal modem?