Can you search for emails by first and last names?

Answer i would seriously doubt that would be possible just think how many john's and how many smith's you would get?and many people use pseudonyms like me, my name really isnt gone phishing, honestlike my... Read More »

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Removing names on facebook search bar?

Nothing can be done, who ever names are on fb will automatically show up when you enter a letter or name it's just one of those things on fb

How do I access emails from the last 2 years?

Sorry to say absolutely no way.When you left BT your account and everything in would have been deletedincluding your email address and everything in it also.Even if you went back to BT you would st... Read More »

How to Find Nationality of Last Names?

Usually surnames give away the nationality of the person who wears it. Surnames have certain clues that you can touch upon to find its nationality. Surnames of Chinese origin have less than four le... Read More »

How to Delete Names That Come Up on Search Button in Facebook?

When you type the name of a person or page into the "Search" field at the top of Facebook, several potential matches pop up in the vast majority of cases. One complication with this is that if you ... Read More »