Can you secretly know how many followers your friend has on tumblr?

Answer Wow! Have you only just realised that everyone lies and exaggerates on the internetbecause NO proof is required?And no you can't find out because there is no way of knowing!Unlike on here where you... Read More »

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How to get more followers on Tumblr when you have hardly any?

How to get more followers on your tumblr blog. Top tips:Tag your posts. Put every tag you can think of in relation to your post/blog. Include tags like: follow, follow back, return follow and so on... Read More »

How many followers do you have on tumblr?

356, started my blog around 3 weeks ago☾

How can i get more tumblr followers?

Well first of all never ever ask someone to follow u. It will make u seem as if you r hungry for followers. I recommend putting up funny or cool statuses to catch their attention. From there maybe ... Read More »

Why do i have no tumblr followers?

You need to tag photos, and get to know some blogs similar to your own, become friends with popular blogs or something.Send me an ask, and i'll check out/ promo your blog